Monday, May 30, 2016

Alcatraz Island with Lisa&Scott

Jon was super nice to take the day off so I could take Lisa and Scott into the city to go to Alcatraz. We bought tickets the night before. I am surprised we could get some. I haven't been since Taylor was a baby. We took Cooper with us so Jon could work from home. He was pretty good and seemed to enjoy the ferry ride over. We were so lucky to make it there in time. We didn't leave early enough and had to fight traffic and figure out where to park. We ran most of the way to the ferry but we made it in time. 

We got to see the sea lions on Pier 39. 

It was foggy but it was cool to get views of the Golden Gate bridge. 

We enjoyed the audio tour. Cooper got restless after a while and mine stopped working at the end but it was so fascinating. We had to get a picture inside the cell. Because of Jon I love the architecture and the old buildings. Lisa and Scott were fun to go with. I am so glad we got to go. 

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