Monday, May 30, 2016

Cataract Falls Hike

It was so fun to have Lisa& Scott come to visit from 4 days. We took them hiking for the day. It always turns out to be longer than we expected. We took them to a hike called Cataract Falls. I think we hiked around 8 miles. The falls were really pretty except you get to them in the first mile or two and then the rest of the hike isn't as exciting. We still enjoyed crossing this bridge and hiking through the redwoods. Niko kept Taylor for most of the day since he broke his leg. I am glad we could still get out an hike. This was my last hike before we had Miles. The kids are always good to not complain and just enjoy the hike. There was some pretty steep stairs to climb and we were all sore the next day. 

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