Monday, May 30, 2016

Taylor's broken leg

Taylor was jumping over the soccer net in our backyard as hurdles and he landed on his ankle wrong. It was February 24th on a Wednesday night. I could tell he hurt it pretty bad and we iced it for him and it wasn't swollen that bad. We sent him to bed and made him hobble upstairs. We kept him home from school. He couldn't put any weight on it so I decided to take him to an insta care. I didn't want to to go the ER. Luckily Lisa and Scott were here and could keep on eye on Cooper for me and pick up Kate. The doctor thought it wasn't broken and sent us home after the X-ray. They called me and told me to take him to the ER because it was broken. So we went the ER and they put a soft cast on it. I was embarrassed that his feet were so dirty when they were casting it in the ER.  We went a couple of days later to get it casted. The orthro place said he had to have a cast scan because he wondered if we would have to do surgery. This was turning out to be more than we expected. So from that they decided to do a surgery to put two pins in. He split the growth plate so the were worried it healing right. They did the surgery the next week because they were worried about it healing. It took him until May to be out of the boot and on his leg. 
It never really swelled up very much so it was hard to tell if it was broken. 
This was his first cast. He only had it on for 2 days. He told Justin he would do a pink cast. They had to cut the sides so they could take it off for the surgery. They made him where this cast that kept his knee straight. He hated it because he couldn't bend his knee. Luckily he didn't have to wear it for very long. 

This shows how big a gap there was in the break. 

He was pretty out of it in the recovery room. He came home with two ports in his leg that kept his leg numb for three days. We had to take to the ports out at home. He was glad to have it out. 

This is the stitches they had to take off. They had to put a clamp on his leg so there was another stitch behind his ankle. He was trooper throughout the whole thing. 

We went to the Interstake center in Oakland for a fireside with Studio C. We got a signature with Jared Shores. It was fun to be there and a bit crazy to wait in line to talk to them. We should've kept his cast. 

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