Thursday, December 3, 2015

soccer 2015

Taylor's team was Barcelona. He had a much better season than last year. He had 5 kids from his team last year that were on his team this year. They won 2 games in a row and tied 5 times. So he informed us that he was a winning team. It was such a big deal. Last year they lost all of their games. Matt Taylor was his coach and he did a great job. 

The other kids get a bit restless after watching 3 games in one day. We had 3 kids in Soccer and we survived. 

Justin's team was Everton. He had great coach and he really improved. He really enjoyed playing this year. It was fun to watch him play. He could outrun quite a few of the kids. He loved playing with his friend Riley. 

Conner enjoyed playing for his first year. He had fun playing Bridgers team. His team was Chicago Fire. He had a great job. Eric Hicks did a good job with the kids. They won quite a few games and Conner played well. He made quite a few goals. 

The kids loved the dogs that people would bring. Three games got long for Kate&Cooper to watch sometimes. Conner loved playing with his buddy Logan Hicks. 

Towards the end of the season Conner got put in as Goalie. He did a good job but I would much rather see him out there playing. 

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