Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cross Country 2015

All 4 kids were in Cross Country this year. Kate loved having Sarah Richards in it from church and Ava and Maren Higbee. It was a great season. 

All 4 kids at the first meet in Oakland. Taylor wasn't thrilled to do it this year because he runs with the 6-8 graders. 

Cooper is their biggest fan. 

Coach Kevin was so good to encourage the kids on. He is such a great coach. Conner ran with Justin's group this year. 

Kate did really well for her first year and always got first or second place. 

Justin tried really hard this year and the coach Kevin had them count how many people they passed at the end. Justin really pushed himself to pass people. 

We loved Andy Richards run with the boys. Love Conners face. 

She got first at Shadow Cliffs. 

Kate's second place metal at the last meet. Awesome job!

Justin and Conner both got metals. 

We loved having Austin Boyle run with us as well. We had a great season. The kids tried hard and really improved. We love this program. 

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