Monday, December 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

This was on the way to school. Kate was Cinderella, Cooper was a Canadian Football player and Justin was bush, and Conner was a soccer player. 

She looks pretty cute even with her missing tooth and all.

Cooper dressed up as multiple things this year. He wanted to wear his superman costume with a batman cap to the kids Halloween parade. He also insisted on his Captain America shield. 

Kate with her teacher Mrs. Graham walking in the parade and her buddy Mahean.

We almost missed Justin walking by. 

We carved pumpkins with the Holmes. October was really warm so we had to wait till the day before Halloween to carve them. Even then they only lasted a day but we had fun. 

The kids did it outside and it was still messy.

Taylor wore Coopers 4T dragon costume to school for Halloween. He thought it was great that he could fit it. Funny kid. I love that can't even see Justin in his costume. We had fun walking around our neighborhood on Halloween night. Conner decided to be a Ranger and Cooper switched to Spiderman. It was pretty fun.

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