Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Idaho fun

We always get so thrilled to feed the baby cows with Grandma. Cooper loved it. 

These two were playing in the sprinkler in the backyard. We sure love Addy. 

They loved the trampoline and spent hours playing. The roof is about to collapse in so that is a little scary. 

We took Jon to Logan so he Kyle could take him to the airport to fly home. Jon loved the old stones on the outside and could have spent hours there. It really is a pretty temple. We had Cooper with us. 

The kids set this whole table up with little guys from a game. Love it. 

Justin helped the young kids make bows and we took them out to shoot their bows. They loved it. 

They wanted to sleep out in in their fort they made in the sand. They made all of these trails through the top. It was pretty awesome. They were mad I didn't let them sleep in it. 

We love spending time with Great Grandma Yost. The kids ate all of her candy and food but she kept buying more. 

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