Monday, August 17, 2015

4th of July

I made 5 skirts in all for the nieces. They turned out so cute. We went to the Rupert parade. We were lucky it wasn't too hot this year. I thought the parade was a bit of a disappointment but the kids loved the candy they got. 

Candid family picture. That is what I claimed I wanted but that is not what I was going to get. 

We enjoyed having Mindy there. Clara is a doll and was so smiley. 

Hansen Reunion
I thought my Mom did a great job. She played some minute to win it games. It was fun to hear stories about our heritage. I wish I would've got more pictures. I didn't know everyone very well, but it was still a blast. 

The kids enjoyed swimming in the canal. The Garcias came for the 4th and we took them to the canal. Jon was so good with them. By the end he got to know each of their names and he would tease them. My Dad just loves this family. Only 13 of their family came this year. 

I have to document Jon getting in. I pressured him into it. The kids were surprised to see him in there. I think he had fun. 

Dad and Brother Garcia and his brother in law. It was fun to talk to them in Spanish. We watched fireworks at Jackies by the river. It was great. We had a great view and they were so good. We did light sparklers but that was about it. Too many kids get burned so it was easier not to worry about it.

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