Friday, August 28, 2015

Natural Bridges Beach &ManResa Beach

We went to Natural Bridges Beach with The Tanaguchis and the Salisburys. Awesome. The kids go to walk along the tide pools and look for things. That was our favorite part. 

We found a star fish and some sea anemones. The kids could have searched for hours. It was pretty incredible. It was a great day at the beach besides being a bit windy. 

We took the kids to get ice cream cones and we walked the pier in Santa Cruz and saw the sea lions. 

We love the Salisbury boys. Issac, Ryan, Brett. 

We went to the Seymour Discovery Center to see the whale bones. They were pretty cool. 

We went to ManResa beach. This is Niko's favorite. It was so pretty. Quite a few ladies from our ward came. Our kids love Hudson. He is a rock star in our house. I watch him once in awhile. The beach was really pretty. 

A cool sand dollar. 

Kate enjoyed playing with Brett and Amber. 

Conner found this sand dollar. 

The kids enjoyed  boogie boarding. 

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