Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Backyard

This was a possum that was living in our trees. He didn't want to leave. So our neighbor Wade noticed that one of our cypress trees was leaning against the back fence. So we have 11 cypress trees in our yard. Tori& Wade have a chicken coop right below these trees on the other side of the fence. She has had some fights with this possum. So they were glad to see the trees go. I love how it is hanging there. The tree guys had to chase it out of the tree with a broom they didn't want to hurt him. He went in Tori's yard and her kids were out there. So I ran over and it finally went up on the fence between our yards. Tori did saw that a couple of nights later she saw it outside just pacing the fences between our houses. It was going back and forth. We probably ruined his life. 

They came back a week later to do these two. They weren't as tall as the others ones and we had Brett and Amber over to watch . The kids are always entertained by it. I loved how they would just climb up it and chop it bit by bit. The kids had a hammock I got my mission in Ecuador between these two trees that they will miss. 

Conner taught him how to do this when I tell him to smile. 

Fernando was the head guy. He was great. We weren't going to chop all of them down but he gave us such a good price on all 11 of them we decided to just do it. He charged $2400 for all of them. They were awesome. They had to move the play structure and we were getting rid of it anyway. So he chopped it up for us. The Daytons gave this to us for free when we moved in and we have almost had it for 5 years. We just wanted to give the kids more space to play with. Now it is just open space with no trees. We even got the fences fixed a week later, so yeah!

Cooper said, "They broke down my slide, will you have Bill fix it for me?" Bill is our next door neighbor who is always helping me withe yard projects. They are like our grandparents.

I wish I could get this play by play. We had the Holmes over while Niko and Mason went to buy their suburban. The kids were determined to move this stump. This is what was left our tree that fell in December. They were crazy. They tied ropes around it and we all worked together to help them move it. It was heavy. Luckily the roots weren't in the ground. But we did manage to haul it halfway across the yard. I love how Taylor is sitting down pulling it and we even have Cooper in there helping. It was fun to watch.

This is the tree that was leaning against the fence. It was rotting in the middle and who knows when it would've fell but you could see the ground cracking below it. It is on the back side of the garage. It wasn't as big as the rest of them were. 

So this is from the front of the house. Our Master bedroom is right below these trees and Wade and Tory's yard in on the right.There was 8 trees right there and some shaggy ones hanging off it it. Some of the trees were 50 ft in the air. They were super messy and the possum was living in one of these. 

The kids did this for hours. I am glad they weren't sitting there when one of the branches flew this way. Fernando and his crew were trying to bring a big branch down and it flew the wrong way. Scary and it hit Fernando's hat. They did such a great job. 

If yo look close you can see the Possums' nest. I enjoyed trying to talk to the crew and explain Possum in Spanish. So now we just have dirt  in our yard. It is nice to have a lot of light in our room now and not have to worry about trees anymore. We still have some in front that I hope survive. What an adventure. I feel like we were really blessed to be able to get it done. 

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