Sunday, March 1, 2015

A glimpse into our everyday

As the kids grow up. I want to try and capture their personalities and enjoy the fun things they do.

Cooper- is just plain fun to have around. I can't believe how much he is talking. Some of his favorite things are his Captain America shield with arrows he shoots at people or flies on the window. His favorite book is "Go Dog, Go." He reminds me that we have to read it everyday. He can now read it back to me. He is very particular about things. He has two blankets that he sleeps with and if he doesn't want one he puts it outside of his door. I have found his socks, shoes, etc outside of his door. He loves to vacuum and help me clean. He loves to climb on rocks or anything high and say, "I am the king of the world."He loves trucks, trains. Conner taught him how to do crazy faces. He has such concentrated faces. He loves music and dancing and has some great moves. He has aloud girl scream that always sounds like Kate screaming. It is loud. Tim is still his best friend. Doesn't like shoes. He is learning to say his own prayers and in every prayer he says, "pray that we can go to Grandma's house and see some cows." If I don't say it he will remind me that we have to pray for that in every prayer.

Loves to make cards for her teacher. Loves to color draw. Love to get things at the stores. She is very organized and has to organize her whole room before she goes to bed. Loves to sleep with sleeping bags and is always sweaty when you go to check on her at night. She is always wrapping her stuff animals and dolls in blankets. She is either having a great day which makes us all happy or it is the opposite. She likes to be on the computer. She loves music and is always trying to turn music on the computer.  She is pretty good at figuring out how to find songs if though she can't read. She loves Legos and and plays with them almost more than the boys. She loves to write letters to her teacher Mrs. Hillman. She memorized the 13 articles of Faith with our help. She does really look after Cooper and love him and she lets him play with her stuff. She loves attention and loves to be told she is beautiful. She has lost her two bottom teeth. She loves it when her Dad rubs her back every night before she goes to bed.

Conner-loves to comb his hair and spike it in front. It is either wet or has a ton of gel in front. His reading has gotten a lot better. He sets Justin's watch so he can read his 20 minutes. Loves tall socks and loves wearing his brothers socks. He wants to be just like them. He is still quirky about his clothes and always puts them back in his drawer dirty. Often I have to make him put on a clean pair the next day. He is way too competitive for a 7 year old. He usually cries at the end of a game if he doesn't win. He loves to play card games with us but he can't stand to lose and he usually blames Taylor for cheating. He doesn't like to be told what to do. He is pretty stubborn when it comes to helping him with Math Homework. He is always looking for everything to be fun. He always has a big quirky smile on his face and if you get mad at him he gives you this glazed over look that is classic him(a hurt look.) He loves Cooper and is always playing with him.
Justin- he is so diligent at this homework. He has a lot of it but he comes home and gets right to it. He has learned to type pretty good. His teacher thinks the world of him. He is just good to be around and always so willing to help. He loves to get Conner outside to play four square or soccer. He is always the first to be yelling at Louie for his soccer ball. He is really interested in Architecture and loved looking at Dad's books. He loves to be physical and wrestle with his brothers. Taylor can get his temper flaring on most days. He does love to sit in his cot and read. He loves Bear Gryllis. Loves to run and he gets all worked up if we don't get out the door to be on time for running club. He always runs ahead of us so he can beat Diesel in his laps. He is very responsible and will do anything I ask. He is a good babysitter for Cooper. 

Taylor-he was taunting Kate and he said Kate you are DUM. When I got mad at him he said she can't read anyway so she has no idea what I am saying. Funny kid! He actually prides himself on being a good speller. He doesn't have a lot of homework and usually just wants to read a book all night. When he is done reading he likes to bug everyone. He did sleep in Kate's room for a week so he could learn to get along with her. I think it helped. He loves to shoot hoops outside every morning until the backboard cracked and even then he tried to still play. Loves to play games with Dad's play group that comes on Tuesday's. He catches on to games pretty quick. He decided to drop piano for now. He has taken it for 2 years but it was fight to get him to practice. He is learning Titanium in his class. He teacher really likes music. So he is also learning to play ukulele. He really likes Mr. Schmidt. He prides himself on his shoes that he has had two years that are literally falling apart. We bought him so new ones at the beginning of the year. They were expensive but he didn't like them, the back fell apart so for months he has been wearing the bad ones. He tries to make us think he takes care of his shoes but he doesn't. He really understands the scriptures and reads everyday. He is way fast eater and is always done before most of us start eating. He wants to be a big kid.

Well I love each one of them. Writing this makes me want to do more to enjoy every day despite the hustle of getting all of out of the door. They are good kids and I am proud to call myself their Mom. I am grateful for each one of them and grateful I have Jon by my side to help me raise them. I couldn't go it without him. He is a kind and caring Dad. They keep life fun and busy and crazy but I love it.

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lisa said...

Oh I loved this Cami!! Your kids sure have grown since we saw them last. I love each of their little personalities!!! Makes me want to enjoy all those little quirks and things more each day. :)