Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Angel Island

We decided to take an adventure one Saturday. We took a Ferry from a town called Tiburon to Angel Island and spent the day there. The ferry ride was fun and only took about 20 minutes. You can see the island in front of us. It was expensive it cost about $20.00 per person to ride it but the kids loved it.  

It was fun to get views of all of the bridges especially the golden gate bridge. 

This is the side of the island they docked on. Our only complaint was we couldn't be on the island very long. We took the 11:00 ferry and we had to be back at the boat at 3:30. They were lots of trails to hike around the island. We did the paved one and there was some uphill but it was so cool to have such a nice clear day. People bike around it a lot as well.  

The kids were troopers. Cooper got tired and we had to carry him some but he was running at the end with a burst of energy for some reason. 

Somehow the kids seem to find the coolest sticks while we are hiking. 
We saw a bunch of wild deer. Cool Justin was excited to hunt them. 

Our favorite part was the army barracks we found there. It used to be a military base with Prisoners of war that were there. So we had a blast exploring the houses. 

Somehow they were missing the rest of the stairs so the kids thought they could climb out the window. 

She is almost always willing to pose for me. She really is a cute girl. 

This is the chapel they used to have there. 

This is the outside of the big one we walked through. So awesome. 

General Store

Kids and goofy grins. Love it and teeth still growing in funny. Love it. 

The yellow one is now a visitors center but someone was there and let us walk through the cells they used for the jail inmates. So cool!

Kate is pretty claustrophobia so she wasn't excited when Justin tried to close it all the way. It made me nervous that it wouldn't open. Everyone else thought it was fun for a second or two. 

The kids were worried about getting ticks so Kate decided to check everyone. 

My 5 crazies. 

They really are great kids and we had such a fun day together. 

We had to get a picture of the captain on the ferry. He would blow the horn loud and it scared the kids. We had a fun day!! Nothing beats the views on the islands. For being January it was such a beautiful day!

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