Monday, February 16, 2015

Beach In January

We had an extra day off in January so we went to the beach in Capitola. The kids were so excited that we saw some dolphins. They were actually pretty close to shore. I got them mixed up with the bouys in the water. 

These cool little houses were on the shore. 

Justin bringing more supplies for the dam. There was this little canal off to the side that the kids played in. The weather was actually really nice and almost hot when we got there. The clouds rolled in before too long but it was still really nice. 

Cooper loves to dig and play in the sand. 

Kate and Haley had a blast playing.

So this was hilarious. So Haley wanted  to get pizza for lunch at a place called "Pizza my Heart." It turned into an adventure. We ordered 2 big pizzas and they only let us use one coupon  and it was really thin pizza. So it was expensive. First Kate dropped hers in the sand. Then Conner left his on a plate to get some water and another seagull took it. Then to top it off Cooper lost 2 to the seagulls. By the end the only ones that were full were the seagulls. We had a good laugh about it. The seagulls were crazy. Cooper kept running after them and screaming at them. It was a fun day. Despite always having to worry about hitting traffic. 

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