Friday, March 27, 2015

Cooper's 3rd Birthday!

The 5th attempt at a family photo on self timer. Not bad huh!

We took Cooper hiking for his birthday in Sunol. It is like 20 minutes away
I know Lucky kid! It was a beautiful Saturday to be out hiking. The kids loved it. Except when Jon saw this snake not far from Justin. Gross. I have no idea what kind it was but yikes! 

They were trying to break this big branch off of this tree. 

I couldn't get over how pretty it is there with all the  green rolling hills. 

Our neighbors Bill and Dee brought him over a Spiderman shovel and rake. He loves it and is always trying to be out there helping me work. Luckily the whole backyard is dirt so he can just dig to his hearts content. 

Niko came over and helped me pull off this awesome cake. It is half cake, half coffee cake. She did an awesome job. He loves anything that has to do with dump trucks. She was awesome to help me pull if off. He loved it. 

How did this kid ever get three. He is hilarious. 

Dad brought home whipped cream and let the kids put it on their hands. Of course it was a big hit. 

Dad took him to get a Donut at the Donut Shop. It was huge. 

So he got Big Hero 6 sheets, a bubble lawn mower.One day he told that I needed to change the batteries in his head. This was after watching Big Hero 6.  Our friend has this lawn mower . So was excited to get one and he to push it when I mow. He also got the Big Hero 6 movie, and spiderman PJ's and clothes. He loves anything that has to do with superman, batman(he can't keep those two straight but he loves them.) I am not sure why he loves spiderman but he does even though he hasn't seen the movies. 

We moved the top bunk from the boys room and gave him a bed in his room. It is nice because it actually looks like a room now that we painted it. He was on  mattress before on the ground. He is weird about the fan on the floor in his room. He will wake up in the middle of the night and turn it on and if I set the timer for 2 hours. He will wake up right when it goes off. 

We hiked around some what they call Little Yosemite. It is always hard to keep the kids from getting wet. 

There is the his famous face. He cracks me up. He is such a smart fun kid. He picks up on stuff even when you think he isn't listening. He loves to tell everyone they are a silly goose, nincompoop. 

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