Monday, March 30, 2015

LA Zoo Trip

We drove to LA so the boys could go to Disneyland on Friday with G&G Snow and Josh, Ben and Evan. I wish I would've had them take pictures. They stayed until midnight and their least favorite ride was "It's a small world." They kept complaining about how freaky it was. They still talk about how much fun they had. It was their Christmas gift from G&G Snow. They are pretty amazing to take them.  So Jon and I took Kate and Cooper to the LA Zoo for a couple of hours. They loved it. It was nice to not have the boys running ahead of us and we could just enjoy these two and some funky elephants. 

They loved jumping on the lily pads. 

The meerkat was pretty cool.

Awesome flamingos. 

Cooper loved watching the baby kangaroos in their Mom's pouch. They would hop in and out. 

I will have to say the gorillas were pretty cool because they were so huge. 

The giraffes were friendly they would come right up to you. 

The hippos were really cool. The baby one too and we got to watch them feed them lettuce. Their mouths are so huge. Cooper still talks about it and he usually says we didn't get to see a crocodile but we did see an alligator. I am not sure why he remembers that. It was fun to take them. We spent the rest of the weekend helping Steve and Gena stage their house to sell. 

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