Monday, March 30, 2015

Abby's blessing

We went to LA two weekends in a row. Matt& Elyse &Abby came along with Tim, Willy, Steve and Gena and Oscar and Kim. We had a baby blessing and a surprise 60th birthday party for Grandma. We took the kids hiking at Vasquez Rocks. Jon was thrilled about this drop off. 

I love this face he makes when he gets emotional. They gave her flowers and had the other 3 siblings Val, Nate and Julie call at the same time. 7 of the 10 siblings were there. It was pretty neat. I am glad we could be a part of it. 

We love this sweet baby Abby. What a doll she is. 

The Wilson family was there along with Elyses family. They were great. 

This girl got to wear her new Easter dress. She is beautiful. 

Cooper just loved Abby and was always asking to hold her. We saw baby Daniel as well Cooper thought they were brothers and sisters. He says she is so beautiful.

We sure love having Grandma Snow around. She is doing much better. 

Kate had to tackle in in flip flops. 

The older boys were brave and climbed this really big rock. Justin is the one sitting down. 

It is a pretty cool place our boys could have stayed all day hiking .

I was really impressed with her parents. Her poor Mom has Parkinson's disease and their daughter Chantelle is handicapped but they brought Elyse from Arizona. Everyone thought her Mom was an angel. It was fun to talk to them more. 

We did the blessing at the house and all the boys were crammed in one chair. 

This was Elyse's blessing dress. Elyse took these. It was a beautiful blessing. Matt got her to stop crying and Jon said that is what happens during the blessing. By the end everyone is rocking to get them to sleep. She was all nestled in his arms sound asleep. Matt is a very proud Dad. 

Love the beau tie. Love this girl. 

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