Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Game Group

Jon loves the youth in our ward. He started a game night a couple of months again with Chris, Ryan, and few others. They come for like three hours on a Tuesday night and play games. The kids love it. Cooper loves Allie Jones  and always asks for her to come over. Jon had the grand idea for them to help us make our Christmas cookies. They were such an awesome help. We had 7 of them over. We like 40 something plates and we took them around the next night to neighbors and widows in our ward. They even caroled with us. We were able to get them out so much faster. So it wasn't such an overwhelming task this year. I think they had fun and really enjoyed making the treats. 

Irene, Calvin, Camryn.

I love all the aprons Jon has that they wore. 

Grandma Snow gave us all of the stuff to make snowman for the 12 days and the kids had a blast making them. 

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