Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Backyard Trouble and our Christmas miracle#1

So we have been blessed with a lot of rain lately which is way awesome. Despite the amounts of mud that come in my house. You can see we don't have grass in our back yard. We have yet to figure out why it won't grow. Anyway. We had this big tree trimmed in our backyard almost 2 years ago and it died shortly after. We had a couple quotes that were well over a thousand dollars to get it removed. We didn't want to spend that much money on a tree. It is a big tree. So one morning in December I woke up and looked out in the yard and saw that our tree had fallen over. Luckily it landed on a smaller tree on the side by the fence. The fence didn't break and even the play house didn't get hit. Crazy. We did feel so blessed that it happened the way it did. Heavenly Father is really looking out for us. 

I think there was as much in our neighbors yard as their was in ours. 

So Jon called Mike Ross and asked to borrow his chain saw and then half of the ward showed up. Bill our neighbor spent all night there. Ed Zappentini came and so did Troy MacDonald. They spend like 4 hours just chopping it down to get it off of the fence. They took a section of the fence down and walked back and forth between our yard and Dee's. We couldn't have done it without all of their help. Craig even came to visit for the night and Jon had his game group come over to play. 

Troy up in the tree. I was just glad no one got hurt. Ed up there in his shorts was a scary sight. We were so grateful for all of their help. Ed even came back weeks later to finish chopping the big ones. 

I thought we would never get rid of the brush. We ended up chopping the two trees against the fence that were alive. So the kids were a good help and we filled up so many trash cans every day. They were earning money for the gift exchange with the Holmes kids. So they were good to help cut it down. Cooper loved to help. He was scary with these clippers but he claimed they were his. Now our backyard looks so empty. So our next project is to decide what to do with it. Oh well I am glad it is down besides a few big stumps. 

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