Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We enjoyed spending Thanksgiving in Idaho with G&G Yost. Cooper loved his new superman jacket even though he hardly kept it on. The weather was actually really nice this year. 

Kate lost her first tooth in Idaho. She pulled it our herself. She was pretty brave. She liked the money Grandma gave her. 

The kids loved being out on the four wheeler even if I did make Taylor nervous. He reminded me that I knocked him off last year. 

I love that my three brothers were watching a movie on how to slice the ham.

We love Jack he is such a cute kid.

We love Myanna and Jon is always trying to take her home with us. 

Michelle made the turkeys for the kids. 

Our kids loved a good game of lightning. 

I love that Charly was just licking all of them. 

It was big group with our family Kent and Jen and Kyle and Michelle. We switched it to Grandma's house instead of Logan. Mom always does such a good job with the meal. We really enjoyed being there.  

Poor Kaydem was just trying to rest but it only got worse when Kyle showed up. 

Cooper slept through the meal but we gave him this later. 

The Pie contest. Every one really got into it this year. We made a strawberry shortcake. Jen made two pies and so did Michelle. They were so good. We had the kids guess and we guessed as well. Jen won the adult one with her pumpkin fluff. 

The proud winner. 

He begged for four wheller rides even when it was cold. 

Poor Conner had his warts burned off. 

Our kids love Scott and had to always sit by him on the bench every meal. 

Cooper loved his train backpack and hat from Grandma. 

The boys loved their BYU sweatshirts from Grandma this year. 

Conner loved his four square ball and takes it to school everyday. 

I made this for Mom with some help from Niko and Kim. She just loved it. Our boys said their favorite thing was spending time with Grandpa. They spent hours in the shop building these bow's out of PVC pipes. More pictures to come later. It was fun to have him around. We had a great trip. 

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