Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas Eve with the Snows

We took the kids walking to see Christmas lights in the neighborhood. There was some pretty awesome houses. They decorate more than we do in northern California. So it was fun to go walking. Kate sure loves her leopard skin coat that my friend Sarah gave her. 

Cooper is trying to tie the Truckers Hitch. We love that video. 

The sunset was pretty awesome from their balcony window. We were just glad it wasn't raining. We have had a lot of rain. 

Grandma had a fancy Christmas Eve dinner with Steve&Gena, Grandma Snow and Sarah and Paul. The kids were just excited about all the Sees on their plates. 

Cooper said that Tim is his best friend. We love to ask him who his best friend is because the answers always change but he is still saying Tim is his best friend. 

Grandma put Taylor in charge of the Nativity Story. He did a great job and Grandma had fun costumes. 

Cooper loved this costume and he made some pretty good moo sounds. He was so proud of it. 

Kate was Mary and Ben was Joseph.

I am not sure how Grandpa got that on his head but it was cool. 

Grandma gave our boys and Josh Ben and Evan a trip to Disneyland for Christmas. They did eat the suckers by the way. They are way excited. 

Cooper got a new blanket "Thomas the Train" from Grandma and boy did he love it. 

Kate in her new cute haircut and her awesome necklace from Aunt Kim. 

He was so excited about his new blanket that he had to lay it out in the middle of all the craziness. 

Jon's Mom gave Jon this dog from Jim Shore. It said Lucky on the bottom. I don't see Jon cry very much but he was really touched by it. His Grandpa Snow called Justin Lucky. So it made us think of him. We opened sibling gifts because Steve and Gena weren't going to be with us Christmas day. 

We gave Tim tools and eh said we give him this same knife every night. Jon loves these knifes. It was fun to have Tim&James there. We played a lot of soccer with them. They always made it more fun. 

An attempt at a family PJ picture and the kids new PJ's. 

We sure do have great kids. They had fun picking out their soccer shirts for PJ"s. 

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