Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas Day!

We made the kids wait until 7 to open presents. I love the Snow tradition of reading the nativity story before opening presents. It was fun to have Conner read this year. He has come along way in his reading. We sure had a great Christmas. 

Conner loves his Messi shirt and his Army Dog tags he got in his stocking. It was all about Soccer this year for our kids. 

Grandma gave Kate an Anna doll because she thought Anna looks just like Kate. 

Taylor got a Duffel bag for all of his soccer gear. 

Cooper liked  his little Cooper with a dog that pops up. 

Conner loved his BYU blanket. He is always taking Taylor's blanket or sleeping with Taylor's John Deere blanket. So he was glad to have one of his own. 

Justin got all this army stuff to play with jackets, camouflage netting. Awesome. 

Taylor&Conner got remote control helicopters. Grandpa has one in his office and the kids have fun flying it. 

Kate loved her frozen watch and vest. 

Taylor sporting his Netherlands shirt. 

Justin trying out his army flashlight with different screens you put on. 

Conner and his goalie gloves. He loved them. 

Cooper loves blocks and wanted them open to sit and play in all of the mess. 

Conner loves his new soccer cleats and wore them more than his normal shoes until everyone complained about getting stepped on.

This is Tim's fox that sings, "what does the fox say?" He was convinced it was his and would sit for hours and play with it. 

Conner is a big Studio C fan and loves this shirt. 

Justin got for his own quiver for Christmas. It was made out of genuine leather and he loves it. 

These boys loved the army paint they got and wore it constantly. Justin put it on all of them. Awesome until it got over everything. 

Not the best picture but Jon the sly dog got a serger for Christmas. I already got a vinyl machine for my birthday so I wasn't expecting anything more. I was really torn between the two though. I did wonder and get all excited when I saw the big box. I was so surprised. He is pretty amazing. He even got me this necklace through someone he worked with. I didn't get him anything exciting besides his calendar. I love this guy1
This is Kate big lego set we spent a couple of hours putting together. Cinderellas castle. She had to wait till we got home but she loves Legos and plays with them more than the boys. 

Conner loved his artic helicopter and made me take 20 different shots of all 900 parts it came with.

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