Monday, October 20, 2014


This is a copy of his soccer picture. He wanted me to get trading cards with his picture on it, but I am too cheap I just got a 5*7 picture. 
This is Taylor's first year of playing REC Soccer for San Ramon. His team is named 'Sting." He has really liked it and has played really well. His poor team hasn't won a game yet, but they are getting better. He is in good shape and loves playing. They have played some hard teams especially Dublin. It is fun to watch him play because he is good to get in there and get the ball. He has played well for his first year of Soccer. 

This is what the other kids usually do. Cause trouble on the sidelines, but hey they are cute. 

He played goalie once but usually play's defender. 

G&G Snow and Josh, Ben and Evan came to one of his games to cheer him on. 
The weather has been so nice but some of his games have been hot. 

Graham Mearns in our ward spent a couple of weeks practicing with Taylor. He made his first goal. I wish I would've gotten a picture. He was so excited. He was a good sport even though his team didn't win a single game. Cooper sure loves his brothers. 

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