Monday, October 20, 2014

Cross Country

We love this cross country program called CYO through the Catholic church. There was quite a few LDS kids on his team. It lasts 7 weeks and only cost $150 to put all three kids in. Taylor was not really excited about running but he was with me for every practice anyway. He didn't complain too much. Their first meet was in Oakland. Justin got 4th and Conner got first. 

Justin, Sam, Taylor, Hunter and Conner glad the race was over. They run the trails in a big park with all of these hills. The older boys run a mile and Conner 50 mm. Conner runs with the k-2nd graders and Justin and Taylor the 3-5 graders. 

Justin holding up his 5th place ribbon a the Oak Hill race. Check out the girl who photobombed  his picture. 

They did a fun run at the end and the younger kids loved it. 

The race at shadow cliffs in Pleasanton with Kolby MacDonald, Hunter and William Crockett. 

If you can't find Justin just look for the socks. 

Justin on the home stretch he beat this kid. He said, "I sang win it all to myself and I passed two guys." So at the next race I asked Conner if he is going to get first place. There was this little kid with curly blond hair that always got first. Conner said, "all I have do is sing win it all and I will win." 

Taylor pushing it at the end.

Conner lining up for this last race in Oakland. 

His second place metal. He did a good job. 

Coach Kevin talking to Justin before the race. He is a great coach. He knows their names. 

Justin coming by for his second lap. He ended up in seventh place. He was so excited about the metal he got. 

Hunter, Taylor, Nate Monson coming by for their second lap. Taylor was sprinting by. He is a good sprinter.

Conner going up hill for his race. He stayed in second place and he makes it look so easy. He has great form or so we have been told. 

I love to see his sprint. Terrible picture from across the race. He is a scrappy little runner and he loves it as much as Justin. He makes Hunter mad because he can keep us with Justin. He is just as fast as the other kids. 

Showing off his ribbon. 

Taylor, Hunter climbing up the hill for their race. It was hard. 

I love watching Justin run too. He is very determined and has good endurance. 

We had a great year. They had cross country three days a week so it was a lot but it was fun for them and we will do it again. 

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