Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Party

G&G Snow came up for the weekend with Josh(minecraft), Ben(Leonardo) and Evan(Mario). Grandma put on a Halloween party and we have like 20 kids at our house. She did an awesome job and the kids loved it. 

Cooper was sick and so this was his costume for the night. He was thinking about smiling and for now that is good enough. 

The 3 Elsa girls. Heidi, Ella and Chloe. 

She had like 10 games planned but we didn't get to all of them. Heidi loved them and was so excited about the whole thing. They did bowling, bingo, donuts on a string. 

Heather is such an awesome friend. It was fun to have her kids at the party. 

The kids were excited about the prizes they got at every game. 

I think the carmel apples were a favorite. Grandma made them ahead of time and they put all sorts of candy on top of them. 

Brett got this huge piece of carmel. 

I didn't get very many pictures of my boys. Justin&Conner were track runners, Taylor is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes and Austin is Indiana Jones. 

MaKenzied is My Little Pony.
Love this picture of Evan. He is watching the kids eat donuts on a string. 

Kate things she is Elsa before her dress turned blue. 

I found her dress at a thrift store for $10.00. I thought it was so pretty and Heather gave her the crown. She loved that her friends came to the party and she didn't even mind that she wasn't Elsa for Halloween. 

Grandpa informed me that the real party started for him after the games were over and the kids could relax. So what happens Justin finds himself in the garbage. Grandpa is really good with the kids and is always getting them all wound up but they love it. It was fun to have them come. Even Niko got in a the game of eating donuts on a string and she beat Taylor, Issac and Bridger. It was their favorite game for sure. 

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