Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ist day of School

First day of school August 27, 2014

Taylor 5th grade Mr.Schmit, Justin 4th grade-Mrs. Garrison, Conner 2nd grade-Ms Gee/Craig, Kate is in kindergarten-Mrs. Hillman. They were so excited. 

Justin in his class. 

Conner has the same teachers as last year. We debated if that was a good idea. Justin had these same teachers but I think he will do just fine. 
I love being so close to school because I am there almost 4 times a day. Conner got out before the boys for three weeks but now all 4 of them get out at the same time. It is nice to have them walk home if Cooper is sleeping. Oh I bought these socks for Justin and they just love them. It makes them feel cool. Taylor insisted on these Reebok shoes with funny bottoms. Funny kid. Cooper has outgrown the stroller and loves to run with them. Coming back home he is a bit slow but that's okay. 

Kate was so excited to be in kindergarten. I was sad to leave her but she only stayed 1 1/2 hours the first day. Her teacher seems super nice. Cooper keeps asking if we can pick her up. He doesn't like the house so quiet. Kate is in the afternoon and then she gets out with the boys. She doesn't like waiting in the morning to go to school. 

She drew a picture for the teacher. 

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