Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yellowstone Trip

Jon started wading in the water and so did the rest of the kids on our Sunday walk to the Railroad bridge. 
Mindy got us all up to the cabin this year. It was a blast. We even got Dad to come up with us for a couple of days. It rained the first couple of days so we didn't get to float down the river but we had fun going through the park and to the play mill. We went with Mindy and Kyle and we saw Les Miserables. I thought it was awesome. It brought back good memories of going with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Kim brought some fun glow sticks that the kids loved. 

Cooper climbed up there by himself and he thought he was awesome, but he scared us for fear it would fall over on him. 

The kids had a blast playing in the upstairs room with the light offs and glow sticks galore. 
Jon started a wrestling war which he lost. 

We celebrated Grandma and Trevor's birthday's. 

We had fun going through the park and seeing Old Faithful. It was raining but we stayed and saw it. I thought Cooper and Lucy were so cute holding hands. 

I remember helping him put this sign up. I love that Grandpa made this. He was so good with his hands. 
We stayed an extra day and it was nice to be together as a family. 
On Sunday we took a little hike along the trail by Johnny sacks cabin to the rail road bridge. Mindy even saw a moose but it was far away.

We took them Yellowstone Lake with everyone. We always have to get some fun family pictures. 

We love these guys they are so awesome. 

We sat around and talked about favorite memories of Grandpa and how much he loved this cabin. I helped him put the lights up that he made out of horse halters, we would mow the lawn(grass outside), he climbed under the crawl space in the bathroom and I wondered if he was going to get out, huckleberry syrup, Grandmas' cooking, dominos, his truck packed with tools, him working out in his shed, driving to feed the fish at Johny sacks cabin,. What great memories he created for me growing up. I will forever love him and forever miss him. 

It hailed on us right when we got back home from out walk to Henry's lake. 

I love my sisters so much. I love that I have to call them for advice and I always get so much help from themm. 

The kids built forts upstairs. 

Minute to win it games were a hit. 

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