Sunday, August 3, 2014

Idaho week 2

Our boys were excited to have their cousins Tanner and Trevor come. I took this of them walking on the farm exploring and playing games. 

Sunday is always our favorite time to help Grandma feed the baby cows. Cooper was so excited about it. Tyler loved it and Conner was a great helper. I loved being out there with Addy because she saw this cow with a blue eye and she made up a song about a " the blue eyed cow" and she has some sweet dance moves to go with it. Conner said, "Does the blue eyed cow give you nightmares he looks like an alien?" 

Kim brought some crafts for the kids to do. They always love it. 

The girls got haircuts from Brennan's sister. They turned out cute. I like Kate's hair when it is shorter. She doesn't like me to even comb it everyday. I remember how Great Grandma would do our hair and make us look nice with her just to go into town. Kate would drive her crazy because I don't make her comb her hair when we go to the store. 

The girls and their cute haircuts and tutu's. My favorite quote from Addy was when we were riding the golf cart. It was cold outside and I asked her if she was cold. She said, " I am not cold because I am Elza from Frozen." 
We had fun floating down the canal on a hot day. Poor Taylor got caught in the current going under the bridge one time. I think it scared him because the water was high. The raft is fun to put all the kids in. 
We took the to City of Rocks. It was a little scary because it was so windy. We didn't let them climb very much. A few of them climbed bath tub rock. I remember we used to repel off of  that. 
Poor Tyler was little scared. 
These two had a blast playing outside. 

Cooper enjoyed watching Grandpa out on the farm fill up his sprayer with water. He loved seeing the cows on the farm.

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