Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 3 Idaho

The kids had fun helping Grandma change corn. I think they just wanted to swim in the ditch and even Cooper seemed to really enjoy it. 

Grandma is such a great help. She was always out there working hard. We loved helping her change water. 

Kate spend some time in the swather helping Dad swath. Grandpa needed some help chopping hay. So he taught Jon how to do it and he spend the whole day out in the field. He took Justin and Conner too but he hit a muddy spot in the ground and it just spun him around and around. He was lucky that happened because the workers left a pipe in there they found. I am going to make a farmer out of him yet. 

One night around 9 at night Nate had the great idea to jump in the canal. So we took all the kids floating in the canal. Only on the farm can you do crazy stuff like this and call if fun.

We enjoyed the 4th of July parade with Nate. We got the kids matching shirts at Bass Pro. Conner claimed Justin and Taylor's shirt so he can wear them more often. 

Cooper was super excited about the horses we saw in the parade. 
Kent brought his boat up and took us out for the next 2 days. The kids loved it. Kyle and Michelle came as well. So I was glad we got to see them and we even convinced them to stay an extra day like we did. 

Cooper enjoyed the fire works and even tried to touch them. Scary kid!

A very genuine smile from Grandma!

I am not sure if Cooper really enjoyed this or not but Jon took him out for a bit. 

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