Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Point Reyes

We had a free weekend and James was with us for three weeks. So we went to the Marin Civic Center in Marin that Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed this whole thing. It is used for the county's public service, library, court. We couldn't get inside the building because it was Saturday. But we did go in the library and walk around the outside. It was pretty cool. Jon loves the way he designs. We think he designed the top to the represent the beach with all the blue. 

They had the whole top open for light to come in and walkways around the outside with flowers in the middle. 

This was just an outside area that looked so cool with the water. The building was huge and the kids enjoyed walking around it. 

We drove another 2 hours to Point Reyes lighthouse. The drive was long and through all this farmland. It was a pretty drive. 

This is inside the lighthouse. You had to hike down to it. 308 steps to be exact. 

Cooper was carried for most of it. This is Jon hiking up with him. It was cool to walk around the lighthouse and see the cool views. 

Then we drove to another spot to hike chimney rock trail. The trail went over these cliffs. The kids were disappointed in chimney rock itself but we enjoyed the views. We were glad to have James with us. We enjoyed seeing the sea lions down on the beach. It was a long day but we are glad we have Saturdays to go on fun outings with the kids. We especially love being outside so much. 

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