Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer fun

We went to Seaside Beach with the Holmes. The beach was stinky and very rocky but the kids had fun on the boogie boards. 

I thought the ship was pretty cool. 

We took Julia Cornish with us but she went in the car because of the smell. 

They did find a sea crab that Niko showed to Cooper. 

You have to always build a sand castle. 
This is what we did in the afternoons when we stayed home. Ate popcorn and build forts with blocks in the living room. 

We bought a badminton net after playing it so much in Idaho. Our backyard is small but they enjoyed playing. I think Conner enjoys more than the other kids did. Our poor grass isn't going to make it. 

Kate said she made a wedding bouquet out of flowers. We had the Holmes over and somehow the kids always end of playing with the Jedi robes. 

This is another beach trip with them to Natural Bridges beach. The kids loved it. 

MacKenzie photobombing our picture of the boys. 

I love this smile. He was brave to get in the water.

Cell Phone pictures. 

On the way back from the cabin we stopped at BYU_Idaho to hang out with Scott for a bit. Taylor is in front of the Taylor building. Religion classes our held her. I spent many hours reading and pondering on Sundays with my roomate Alison. This building has special memories for me. 

One morning we fixed all the bikes and headed over to the Holmes. We brought three of them back with us. I didn't have my stroller but I thought Cooper would walk some but I ended up carrying him there and back. We took the Iron Horse Trail but it was long but hey it was good to get out. 

We took the kids bowling. They were free. Justin got two strikes. I ended up letting Cooper take over my turn. Twice the ball got stuck down the lane because he didn't throw it hard enough. He wanted to do it just like the big kids. They had fun. 

We went to In-n-Out twice in two weeks. I had the same lady twice that tried to help me get my two free fries. I am sure she wondered why we came so much. Oh well the kids had fun. We are now up to almost everyone getting doubles. 

Justin begged me for weeks to go Bass Pro. It is 45 minutes away and such a fun store. We took two of Niko's kids and made the morning of it. They loved the fish, playing with toy guns, and the big bear, All we came away with was laffy taffy but hey it was fun. 

We took the kids to cal High. This kid loved the play structure with water. This is his new smile. 

We did the Jelly Belly Factory with the Salisburys and Garrett. The kids loved going to get their free candy. I think they do a great job at the tour. Plus we love spending time with Heather and her family. 

Just eating popsicles on a hot afternoon. 

Jon took the boys to yet another baseball game and I took Kate and Cooper to get an icecream cone at DQ. We really did enjoy our summer. 

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