Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taylor's birthday and end of school year party!

We just loved Taylor's teacher this year Mrs. Ellman. She really knew the kids and their personalities well. Taylor loved showing off his work that he did throughout the school year. Mrs. Ellman really pushed him to do hard things and always had good things to say about Taylor. I loved her personality she was stern and disciplined them but she was herself with the kids and wasn't afraid to have fun. She is an incredible teacher. We just loved her and so did Taylor. He has had such good teachers that really see how smart he is but still make him work to be better and find areas to improve in. He is proud of his school work and I feel like Heavenly Father has really blessed him with good teachers that have really helped him become who he is. 

He got a lot of soccer stuff for his birthday and books. He is going to play in the fall and in case you are wondering why this jacket is in every picture he never takes if off. He loves his BYU jacket. It is hard to believe he is 10. This kid loves to read, play on his nook, play baseball, watch baseball, play games with his brothers. 

Tim came to share cake with us for the weekend. He took the boys to How to Train your Dragon 2 for their birthdays. 

We had the Holmes and the Salisbury's over for a water fight the last day of school. It was fun the kids had fun getting all wet outside. This is our second annual last day of school party. Yeah! We are excited for the summer to come. 

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