Sunday, July 27, 2014

Justin's birthday and end of school year!

We made peach cobbler to share with the Holmes for his 9th birthday. Cooper loves all these birthdays and has to be up there blowing out the candles. 
He got his own bow and arrow. A real one not like the ones he makes in the back yard. He was so excited about it and can't wait to shoot it in AZ. He got 9 hrs of man vs. wild and an army survival guide and a bass pro shirt. This kid is so funny about survival stuff. He has at least two back packs full of survival stuff. 

I enjoyed going to his open house. He really worked hard on his timed match tests to make it into the hundreds club. He works hard at school. 

He had great teachers this year. Mrs. Loofburrow and Mrs. Krueger

His class put on a play of Aseops Fables. This was his sheep costume we made. I don't know how many cotton balls we picked up on the way to school. 

Justin and his friend Ernest. This is the second year in a row he was in his class. 

Justin and some of his class mates Diesel, Ernest, Austin. His teacher Mrs. Loofburrow had them singing up there and everything. I thought they did a great job. I enjoyed just watching his teacher to see how excited she got about it. His teachers really pushed him this year and he never complained about the work load they gave him. 

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