Thursday, July 24, 2014

Conner's last day!

Conner loved his shirt he made for the last week of school. They do what they call camp skeeter all week. They had a tent set up in their room and had all sorts of fun activities. 

This was his desk that he drew on. 

This is our favorite bus driver Wanda. she is so awesome. We had become friends with her this year and love talking to her everyday. Kate goes out of her way to make sure we say hi everyday. 

Conner's teacher Ms. Gee. They really worked hard with him. He had a barton tutor that really helped him with his reading. He came along way this year. 

This was back to school night and he was so excited to show us all of his stuff. I love his person he made out of a brown paper bag. 

He is quite the artist and loves crafts. He is quite the story teller and had so fun stories we could read. 

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