Sunday, June 15, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Steve and Gena came up for 4 days for Memorial weekend. We had a great time with them. We took them to our favorite place Marin Headlands on Saturday. It was fun to see all of the seals on the beach. 

Ben and Kate hiking over to the lighthouse. It was a nice clear day. 

Taylor actually smiled for a picture. He loves this jacket so much that he sleeps in it a lot of time. 

 I love that Conner had to carry around his survival backpack. 

This is the coolest bridge that suspends over the rocks to the light house. You can see the kids walking over it. 

It was not quite clear enough to see the Golden Gate Bridge behind us. 

We love going inside of the army barracks. This one was pitch black and it was a little freaky going inside. 

The kids were making me nervous as they were climbing inside of this one with the floor coming up. Justin was going to walk this plank and he was mad that I thought him no. 

This kid always makes us smile. He was on his first week of potty training. We put him in a diaper but he asked to go to bathroom twice and he was even dry the whole day. He is out easiest to train. He is always fun to have around. 
It was such a nice clear day and the views are awesome. It is just fun to hike around the army barracks and let the kids roam free. 

We hiked down to this bird santuary. So very cool and kind of a steep hike. 

I always love seeing the ocean. I think Jon likes it because we don't play on the beach. We just enjoy it from a distance. We also had Tim with us. He is doing an internship with Jon's company. So it has been fun to have him around. Our trip ended up with Steve and Gena buying a new car and trading their van in. We really enjoyed having our cousins around. What a fun weekend. 


jocie said...

Hi Guys, It looks like Matt and his wife just moved into our neighboring ward. Can you please send me his email address when you have a moment so that we can invite them over for dinner? Thanks, Jocelyn

jocie said...

oh, my email is: