Friday, June 13, 2014

Cross Country Meet

Foot hill High School put on a track meet for the grade schools. Justin was so excited to go that we even skipped his piano lesson to go. Conner went first. If you look close you can see him in his white shirt poised and ready. He ran two laps around the track with the first grade boys. He did awesome. He is a good runner. I love watching him weave around people and he placed fourth. He passed someone at the finish line. He was so excited that he had to show his brothers his ribbon. He did good and keep his pace for the second lap when I thought he would slow down. 

Justin was out in the field stretching and Cooper insisted on going to say hi to him. So the other kids followed him and Cooper kept holding onto his hand. 

He ran with is friend Diesel most of the time. He ran the first 50 meters so fast that it took a lot out of him but he still placed 7th. He loves to run and is good at it. He ran two laps as well. He ran with his friend Ernest as well. They are in his class at school. 

Cooper just loves his brothers and is their biggest fan. 

Poor Taylor fell down right in front of us when he took off. I felt bad, he banged up his knee pretty good, but he kept going and tried hard. He ran a mile. I was proud of boys. 

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