Friday, June 13, 2014

Preschool Graduation

We had a little preschool graduation party at our house. I loved this group this year. They were such an easy group this year.  Emily Schultz is so smart and always willing to do what I ask. Courtney Wong is just fun. Jared Dayton is such a good natured kid and smart as a whip. I loved their family. Jace enjoyed playing with the other kids. They made their own hats we ate some snacks and gave them their certificates. I was the only one from San Ramon but I love keeping in touch with our preschool friends. We did preschool with Emily and Courtney two years in a row. Kate can write her first and last name. She knows how to sing the ABC song but is still working on recognizing her letters. Boy does Kate love to color. We go through so many coloring books. She is so excited to go to kindergarten. I am always a little sad to have her go. We love Kate. 

Kerri printed out the certificates. She asked the kids 3 questions. Kate said I want to be a Mom when I grow up. My thing about preschool is learning the Alphabet. I look forward to making pictures for my family in Kindergarten next year. 

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