Friday, June 13, 2014

Pinnacles National Park

We met out good friends from Visalia the Phippens at Pinnacles National Park. It was supposed to be an hour and a half from our house. It was quite a crazy morning. There are two entrances to the park. I told Amy the east entrance. I took us to the east entrance but I got a text from her before we lost service that they were headed to the west entrance. I think I got us lost too. I don't know if we were even in the right place. So it took us awhile to figure out how to get to the other entrance. I felt so bad. Kids were hungry we had already drive 2 hours but we ended up driving another 2.5 hrs. All the while I was praying we would find them. We didn't have cell service and I didn't know if they made it to the west entrance. They two entrances don't connect. I was trying to just read my book and not panic. I felt so bad I got us lost and went the wrong way. I was so excited to see this note when Jon went to pay the entrance fee at the park. They beat us there and left this note for us. I don't know how this happened but I know Heavenly Father was listening to our prayers and this note was a testament to that. It was so fun to see them. They have 4 girls that we just love. Darin was just made bishop so it was a great chance to talk to their family. It was such a fun day. We ended up hiking for like 7 hours. 

We took this beautiful hike up the mountains. The kids did so good. Even Cooper was awesome and would insist on walking on the most dangerous places. He was great. It was beautiful. The weather wasn't too hot either. 

Abby found a cool huge pinecone and our hike to the cave. 

The rock formations were so cool. 

Cooper sings songs in nursery with sticks. So I found him sitting down trying to play some songs for us. 

This was right before we headed down into Balconies caves. 

Kate was loving the limelight. The sun was shining through the rocks inside of the cave. 

We loved the caves. I loved the little arrows telling you where to go. We were disappointed that the caves wasn't longer but it was still fun. 

The two most awesome people ever. We just enjoyed talking to both of the them the whole time. The kids were usually in front and we were behind with Cooper. 

The whole Phippin Family. Darin, Amy, Kate 13, Abby&Sarah(I still have a hard time telling them apart), Ellie 7. 

We tried usually the timer this is what the second shot looked like. We didn't know it was going to take two. 

We took another hike up the hillside after we hiked the caves. The kids got so far ahead of us but at least we could see them for a bit. It was pretty steep and uphill most of the way. I got a good workout carrying Cooper. 

He kept posing for me so I took a ton of him. I love this kid. 

What a cool view this was as we got higher. 

We hiked through this tunnel and crossed this really cool bridge. 

What a fun long day. I am so glad we could meet up with them. They were much better prepared to hike than we were. They love to camp so they inspired us to try and do it more. We are going to try. They really have been through a lot. Darin quite his job went back to school, found internships, she is working to help out. Then they split the stake and made a new ward and he got called as bishop. Jon enjoyed  giving him some fun ideas for youth fireside talks. I am so glad we met up with them. The kids really enjoyed the park despite being late and in the car all morning. 

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