Monday, July 28, 2014

Idaho vacation week 1

We headed to Idaho for 3 weeks. It was such a blast. Jon flew out for the last week. 

We got such a kick out of these two playing the piano and hanging out like best buds. We love Lucy she is hilarious and so cute.  

Kent and Jen came for the weekend and we had a fire outside and made pizzas in the fire cooker. Kate loves her girl cousins. She had Addy wrapped around her finger and she would do what Kate wanted to do. 

We loved seeing Nate for the first time since he got back from his mission. The kids love both him and Scott and were always getting them to play with them. It was so fun to have both of them around. 

Justin was so excited to finally shoot his bow and arrow. They used a couple Nate had "Little Banchee" was what one of the bows was called. Kyle G. would take them out there quite a bit and they loved it. 

Cooper loved the golf cart and was always asking to go a ride. We sure loved driving them around. 

We took the kids up to the canal in them to float down. 

Nate and Scott loved to haul the kids around in the rafts all afternoon on the lawn. 
Could there be a happier kid? 
We took the kids on plenty of four wheeler rides as well. 

Justin was thrilled he hit the target.

Scott and Nate got quite the workout pulling the kids on the lawn in the raft. 

Badminton became our new favorite sport. The kids were pretty good at it. We even had our own tournament. It was fun. We played it a ton. Nate was sure hard to beat. 

We tried to get Grandma out as much as we could to lift her spirits. It was fun to spend time with her and see her our with us. 

Cooper loved to be out in the water as well. 

Cooper was pulling Oakley in the raft. 

I love to see how talented this kid is. He was trying to hit the birdie. He resorted to picking it up with two rackets. 

These girls were best of friends. 

I loved seeing Dad out there playing with us. He was pretty good. I do it just to see him smile. 

Justin played on Scott's team. The poor grass was all torn up by the end of the week so we moved to the backyard. 

Jen's kids treat Kate so good. She loves to run around with them when they come. 

We are glad Kim could make it down even if Matt couldn't come. It was fun to see her pregnant as well as Mindy and Lisa. 

Nate took Cooper with him to find Conner and Kobe in a game of sardines on the farm. They hid in the liliac bushes on the side of the cow pen. 

Not sure what they are going but I love the expressions on Cooper's and Lucy's faces. 

All the cute cousins after church on Sunday. 

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