Sunday, March 9, 2014

Grandpa Yost's funeral

Jon helped Kyle G tie on a bow tie. I am not sure how it got sideways. It was so fun to have all of my family there. I had to remind myself why we were together. We haven't seen Kyle in quite a few years so it was fun and Matt and Natalie drove out as well as Craig and Michelle. I thought about flying by myself but I wanted my family with me. Jon's boss gave him Friday and Monday off. It was a quick trip but Jon was so nice to help me organize my thoughts for my talk. It was hard to do and I am not sure how I made it through it. It helped to have it written out. I really loved my Dad's talk. His was my favorite. He was so talkative the whole trip and sad at the same time to lose his Dad. Oh how I will really miss him. I am so used to always running over there to say hi to him and Grandma and talking to them for hours. 

This was all quite a sight all of the grandsons carrying Grandpa's coffin out to the car. Pretty awesome tribute to Grandpa. 

All of my brothers and cousin Tyler. We were only missing Nate in our family. 

Grandma spent extra money on his coffin because she wanted it to be nice wood. It was beautiful. The flowers were beautiful. 

The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins even if it only was for a day. 

Scott showed off his new car and took us for a ride. Pretty sweet car. We had Madeline with us and Conner. 

This was right before they closed the casket lid. Our family is so huge that we almost didn't fit in the RS room. It was fun to talk to a lot of my cousins I hadn't seen in along time. I love the video Craig put together of him and the live video is really special. I loved all of the pictures of Grandpa they set out. 

It was a cold bitter day but beautiful with everything all white and frosty. 

This is all of our family standing in front of Janae's grave.  Grandpa's isn't too far from it and his folks are buried up the hill. 

He was 2 weeks shy of his 91st birthday and his 70th anniversary. 

All of his 28 grandkids minus Nate. 

The siblings. 

Lucy is so cute. We love her. 

Dillion bought this suit just for the funeral. I know Grandpa would be proud of him. 

Our fun sister picture. 

We sat over at Grandmas and talked about our memories of Grandpa. It was really fun to listen to everyone talk. There was a lot of people over at Grandma's house. 

My awesome cousins. we called ourselves the Yo-Holy-ray clan. 

Our favorite thing to do is to go to Dairy Queen at night with the adults. We even got my Mom and Dad to come. My Dad said he had to defend himself. It is always a blast to hear the stories that come out. We take over the place. 

We had fun with Grandpa out on the farm. It was a bit too cold but we have to help Grandma feed the cows. I don't think we are very helpful but we love being out there. 

Our boys love Scott and want to be just like him. 

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Kara B said...

Awesome Cami! I love that you blog and have all these pictures! We have an awesome family!