Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cooper's 2nd birthday

He was so excited about the balloons we gave him for his birthday. It is hard to believe he is 2.

He loved his new scooter and clothes. He is always pushing the big bikes around trying to ride their scooter. So we got him one of his own thinking he would ride it. He really just likes to push it around but I hope he will get the hang of it soon.

He is pretty good at blowing out candles. Niko helped me make his train cake and I thought it turned out awesome. He loves trains and can spot one anywhere.

We put balloons in his bed and he was so excited about them in the morning. He was pretty good at opening his gifts. Poor kid is still sleeping in a play pen in the quirky room.

This picture captures his personality. He doesn't mind being dirty and loves to be outside in the mud and dirt. Even if it is raining he wants to be outside. He is quite the talker and is always telling me he wants to go outside and play basketball.

He is so smart. I was sewing a dress for Kate and he took some of my pins and was poking them into the fabric. He put quite a few of them in before I knew it. He is so stinking observant.

This is his second cut to the same side of the head. We are just lucky he hasn't had to get stiches.

We had a family over for dinner and the kids were playing in the shop. Cooper came in carrying this big ax. It was underneath a shelf and he had to crawl on his stomach to pull it out. He was so covered in dirt it was hilarious. He is very determined. He likes to go out my side gates and I have found him out front without me a few times. Scary kid.

He insisted I put these socks on him and the only way to keep them up was to put them over his overalls. I forgot that he had them on when I took him to Target. He didn't care he just loves soft things.

A few things about Cooper:
He loves hotdogs and when we go to Costco he always asks for them. He always asks for them.
Loves to push a stool to get things on the counter.
Loves Trains and bikes.
Likes to eat his breakfast at the bar stools with all of the other kids. He always has to move chairs like 4 times to change who he sits by. He will carry his bowl around which usually makes a mess.
Loves to wrestle and play with the other boys.
Is a fast runner.
Is a funny little talker. I love when he ask me "what are you doing Mom?"
He wanted some bagels one day so he pushed his stool over to the counter and was shoving bagels in the toaster and trying to cook them.
Every time we get in the car Cooper says "sing let it go" from the movie frozen. He will throw a tantrum if I don't put it on. He is so funny about it. He even says "let it go."
He loves music and really likes to dance.
Loves to help me do things. Unload dishwashers, water plants, etc. He is always wanting to do what I am doing.
He loves to read books and has Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see memorized. From the book he says I see to everything.
He is always fun to have around and has a big smile. He can be clingy and hasn't wanted to go to nursery for a month now but we sure love his personality and bright eyes.
His stats are;
Weight: 23 lbs. 7 oz.
Length: 34
HC: 49


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lisa said...

I had read this forever ago, but re-read it again, and I just loved this cute little post about Cooper. I love how much their little personalities really start to shine and their cute talk. He is such a cutie! I look forward to seeing you guys again!