Sunday, February 2, 2014

Craig & Michelle

We spent a day with Craig and Michelle and their family in Atascadero right after Christmas. The kids had a blast with their family. We drove to Moro Bay. 

Michelle's sweet Grandpa paid to get everyone in the museum. It was fun. 

The kids enjoyed looking through their binoculars at Moro Rock. 

Cooper listening to the ocean. 

Then we went to Monte de Oro beach. It was so fun.  The climbed the rocks and through this cave. It was really pretty. We were afraid it would fill with water once we climbed in them so the kids climbed out of this hole. 

I couldn't believe how close the sea otters were. It was fun to watch them at Moro Rock. After Moro Rock we drove to another beach to met up Michelle's Dad for dinner. It was a half an hour away. As soon as we got them Justin said, " I forgot my shoes at the beach. " We didn't think it was a big deal because he needed new ones but then we found out that all four of them left their shoes at their beach. So we debated but we decided to drive back. I was wondering if we would find all of them but sure enough when we got there all 4 shoes were on the beach by Moro Rock. 
Just to prove that Jon made it to the beach once this year. 

The kids climbed this huge rock and even Craig went up there with them. 

Tallen is so playful and cute. He cracks me up. These two were sitting in the chairs and having a great time playing together. 

This is in the cave along the beach. So cool. The boys loved it. 

They had a stuffed Cooper's hawk in honor of Cooper. 

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Michelle Y. said...

That was so fun! Let's get together again soon.