Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas Eve.

The bounce house was so fun. The kids even got Grandpa out there to play with them. 

Aunt Jenny made these cool strawberries for the kids. She always does a fun job and always brings fun food for the kids. 

We had a Christmas Eve dinner and program at the church. Each family had to sing their favorite Christmas song. Matt and Elyse and Tim joined our group. Matt played his nose flute. 

Val made a mission quilt for Grandma and Grandpa with a flag from every kids missions. She did an awesome job. 

Julie put together a memory book of everyone's memories of them. It was pretty awesome. 

Then she had "Magic Bob" come and do a magic show for the kids. Poor guy got lost didn't get there till 9:00 that night. Took him forever to set up but the kids loved him. 

This was the best one. Joe thought he was going to put a ring through his head but he put his finger. Anyway Joe was hilarious. 

He did all sorts of rope tricks and ball tricks. Anyway it interesting to say the least. We were worried he wouldn't find his way home. A police man had to escort him to the church in the first place. It was quite the show. She found him on the internet. 

The kids got haircuts. She paid to have a lady cut the girls hair while the boys went to play ball with Grandpa. 

Grandma had costumes for everyone and we did the Christmas story. She was pretty amazing at all she did to make it fun for the kids. 

Cooper and Robert loved playing in the kitchen. 

All of the angels. 

The kids got magic kits. Kate had a great time trying to do what magic bob showed them. It was pretty funny. 

Conner was a shepherd. 

Cooper made a great cow. 

I wish this wasn't blurry but Steve was cracking up. It might have been during Magic Bob. 

Kate made a great angel halo and all. 

The boys made great soldiers. 

Jon trying to get the kids to bed Christmas Eve night. I don't know how they fit that many kids in there. Jon is really good at reading them the scriptures. 

Kate loved her Christmas Eve PJ's. 

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