Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas Day!

I wondered how all of us would fit in the room with the presents but we made it work. Grandpa gave a spiritual message that morning. We made the kids wait until 7:00 to open their stockings so we could wait for the other families to get there from their hotels. James slept in front of the stockings to guard them. It took us a couple of hours to open their gifts. It worked out better than I thought. It was fun to be with so much family.  

All of us late Christmas Eve. Jon and James were rubbing Grandpa's and Tim's head. 

Headlamps sweet idea. 

Kate loved her strawberry shortcake book with figures. 

Poor Cooper it was too crazy for him. So at one point I found him upstairs playing with toys all by himself. He did love his rocking chair horse and trains and his wagon was enjoyed by all. 

Conner loved his survival backpack because according to him Justin and him are the only survival ones in the family. 

Taylor got a baseball score keepers book. 

Conner loved his Legos. 

Justin was so excited about his cot and 2 man sleeping tent. All three boys slept in it late one night. 

Kate loved her fairy dress ups along with a princess cape. 

Cooper let Robert play with his trains. 

Grandma gave all of the boys a remote control car. Boy it was hit. They loved them. 

I am working on a cross stitch for Jon for the last 5 years. I found the same picture on a tin as a replacement since I didn't get it done this year. 

We had the kids sign a baseball for Grandpa every Christmas for him to put up in his office.

Taylor got a nook this year. He loves playing games on it and reading as well. 

Cooper got a big stuffed moose from Grandma and loves it. 

Cooper's wagon was a hit with everyone. 

Grandma had a bounce house all week. The kids loved it and Cooper was always out in it. 

There was so much trash we had to line it up on the side of the house. I don't know how long it took her to get rid of it. 

Conner got a laptop to play on. He loved it and especially loved to take pictures. 

This is the best Christmas Eve picture we got of all of our PJ"s. They all loved them. We had a great Christmas. 

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