Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas !

Grandpa decided to have a tea party with the younger kids. Love the things he decides to bring out. They all made up names. Kate's is candy cane. He is so good to spend time with all of the kids. We spent Christmas in LA. All of Jon's siblings were there. We were only missing Oscar. Matt even got off his residency and  drove all night to get there for the family pictures. 

They planned a scavenger hunt Sunday morning. We went to Grandma's & Jenny's and a few of their neighbors. We had to sing a song, recite a scripture and poem. It was very creative. Grandma Snow gave Cooper a twinkies. 

Cooper loves Valerie and is always wanting her to hold him. 

Somehow Grandma managed to feed all of us. Everyone stayed at the house except for Steve, Gena and Julie and Phil. 

The kids loved the Foster Donuts we got more than once. We were each in charge of a meal. 

I think he thought this was a horse. 

We loved meeting Mason for the first time. Loved the hair. 

Joe got a little with the scarfs. 

They spent a lot time sending out emails and on facebook trying to decide how to do service projects. I was so impressed at all we were able to be a part of. Stuff for the army, tree for Jonie, and we split and shopped for a family that runs the ranch. It was really neat. This was one of pow wow sessions. We enjoyed the family pictures that Gloria Smith took. 

Vanessa and Kim. 

Willy& Sheri's family. Isabella, Luke and Julia. 

Julie&Phil, Robert and Jordan. 

Val and JR's family. 

Nate & Gabby and Mason. 

Matt and Elyse.

Steve and Gena and boys. 

All 21 great grand kids. Grandma was so awesome to buy the girls dresses and the boys their shirts. They have a great family. We enjoyed being together with them. 

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