Thursday, January 2, 2014


We have really enjoyed going to Idaho for Thanksgiving. Kent and Jen's kids were there and so was Scott. It was a blast. The weather was great it was relaxing. Lisa came for a couple of days and so did Kyle,. 

Cooper burnt his hand by pulling my iron off of the table. So Dad had some of this cow wrap he used for the cows. It worked awesome to keep him from peeling off the blisters. 

The kids did a ton of crafts and made gifts for the missionarys in our wards. 
Jon is getting good at doing the turkey to the point where it falls off of the bones. 

We gave Mom money to buy her Christmas tree and put it in a jar to give to her. Everyone was so awesome to help donate and she loved it. Jon and I took her shopping in Twin to get one. She loved it and it was so much easier to put up. 

The second annual pie contest. Jon made lemon meringe, Lisa pumpkin piet and Mom made coconut creme and a rice crispy pie. It was a blast and Mom went so far as to have the kids put money in a jar for their favorite one. 

We went to see the lights at Rock Creek. They moved it to the store and it was fun but very cold. 

Tim and Kim and Vanessa came for the day. It was a blast. 

We had a wart burning off party. Kate was a mess and wet her pants. She had three of them. Conner had one on the back of his leg and Grandpa even had one. 

My Mom loves the skittle game. You have to suck up the skittles with a straw. The kids loved it and there were a lot of wet skittles by the end. 

Adventures on the farm include seeing the cows, playing in the cotton see and seeing Grandpa. 

This was the first time we met Jack. He was such a good baby and he loved to smile. We love Myanna she cracks us up. 

Grandma gave the kids legos and Justin got paracord stuff. Kate loved her dress up dress with a tea set. She loved playing it with Grandma. We loved being home. I enjoyed talking to Grandma and Grandpa and we went to the movies a few times. It was great. We love family. 

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lisa said...

Oh I loved all the pictures! I think my absolute favorite is the one of you and grandma! What an amazing picture! We missed out on too much! :)