Thursday, January 16, 2014


We are the lucky owners of a company car from Hensel Phelps. Jon picked the color and everything of his Toyota Corolla. So we debated what to do with his Mini Cooper. Jon loves his car even if people call him cute and tell him it is the hairdresser car. He won't admit that we named Cooper after his car. We thought we better get some pictures of him in it. We put it on Auto Trader and within a week we sold it. A couple drove 6 hours on a Sunday morning just to come and see the car. We felt okay about it being a Sunday since they couldn't do it any other day. I love how much we talked to this other couple. They even commented how they loved that Jon had every station set to Klove a Christian rock station. We were blessed to sell it fast because his car is an older model. We bought it almost 5 years ago around Christmas time. It now has 145 miles on it and it had 60 to start with. Our only hold up with this car was the maintenance expense we put up with. So it wasn't worth it to hang on it, but it was a great car. I guess we will have to change Cooper's name now.

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