Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Our preschool group caroled to our neighbors Bill and Dee, and Sue. I love our neighbors. It was fun and the kids did a great job. Bill and Dee invited us in and everything. Kerri Shultz and her two kids Emily and Olivia, Kim and Jared Dayton, Aubrey, Dax and Chase and Heidi Salisbury. 

We had the kids pick names for each other. Then they had to do extra jobs to earn extra money for their person. Jon was so busy it was tricky trying to find a time to take them. This is the gifts they picked out for each other. They were really good about working extra. 

We made them put jeans on for our ward party and try to look somewhat nice. You wouldn't thought we asked them to clean the toilets. They were so funny. Taylor loves his hat. This is our disco tree. You can't tell but the LED lights would shine all over the ceiling. It was nice tree until the kids added all of the ornaments. 

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