Sunday, December 15, 2013


We made haunted halloween houses with the Holmes and Conner grew a few teeth. 

Jon decided to dress up Halloween day with the kids. This is what he came out looking like. He told people he was Hensel Phelps. The guy that founded his company. I loved the eyebrows he added on. Classic. 

I love the Halloween parade at school and luckily our little Hobbit(Conner) and Taylor(baseball player) were together. 

Jon put these ears on for him. We took him to Good will and found the vest, shirt and belt for his outfit. He loved it and we even had the ring of power to go with it. He kept the ears on. 

The Cooks in our ward went trick or treating with us and their daughter Kyle and our little dragon boy. 

Our fairy princess girl looked so cute. I added some flowers to headpiece I bought and she looked great. 

He loves this jacket we used as his costume and gets so excited to wear it everyday. I got pants to match it and he was set. Oh he was so funny trick or treating. We took him out out of the stroller at the last few houses and he was just running with the kids and so excited about getting stuff. He even fell down but still held onto his piece of bubble gum in his hand. It was worth it to just see how excited he was to part of the group. 

I love that Justin just comes up with his own costume and it usually involves camoflauge. He was a hunter this year.

Taylor made a great baseball player. 

The whole clan headed out. 

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