Thursday, December 12, 2013

Halloween pumpkin patch

Kate's preschool group went to G&M farms for a field trip. I am in charge of setting up the field trips. It was fun we look at tractor ride around the corn and they we went to a classroom where they talked about the pumpkins. We loved having Shona with us and Heidi. We love Heather and their family. They just moved in our ward. The kids had a blast. Heather was super nice to help me cover the cost of the field trip. 

This our group this year. On top Jared Dayton, Chase, Shona. Bottom row Max, Courtney, Emily, Heidi, Cooper and Kate. 

They loved the straw bail maze and could spend hours running around. We need to make one in our back yard. 

They loved putting their faces in these. 

The kids especially loved playing in the corn pit. 

Pulling around wagons was their favorite part of it all. Cooper thought he was so great. 

Can you spy Coopers little hand trying to look out of it. 

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