Thursday, December 12, 2013

Salsburg tour

So our second day in Salsburg we went did a tour. Our tour included the eagles nest, salt mines and Berchtesgaden. We took a bus and it pretty much took all day. It was great to see the country side. It was such an incredible view as we drove up to the top of the Eagles' nest. Just a little bit of history about it. It was built for Hitler's 50th birthday as a place for him to entertain other people. At the entrance there is a tunnel that takes you to an elevator that takes you inside the house. They built it in 13 months. He only visited it like 10 times and now there is a restaurant up there. It has the most amazing view and there was even snow up there. 

This is inside the elevator that 40-50 people fit inside of. Fun times1

This is the entrance to the Eagles' Nest. There was snow up there but it was really warm with the sun shining and it was amazing. 

We crossed over this bridge in Salsburg. It is called the love bridge. They put locks all over the bridge with their lovers name on it. I couldn't believe how many locks there was on it and then they would throw the key in the water. Sealing their love. 

We had lunch in a quaint town called Berchtesgaden. It was really pretty. We found this little shop where we bought Taylor a fun hat and the other kids their gifts. 

Steve loves cars.  The country side was really pretty. 

We also spent some time at King's Lake. We wanted to spend all day there. It was fun to hike around the lakes. The hardest part of the tour was we had so little time at places. We were always the last ones back because we got caught in the souvenir traps and then we loved looking around the lakes. 

We found this guy while were were hiking. He was writing Conner and Justin's name on the whistles we bought them. The kids have been trying for weeks to make them. We thought this would be the perfect gift for them. They were actually pretty cool. 

We finally found some apple struesel. The lady was super nice. When we asked her for some she pulled out this whole pan. Then she cooked it with cream in the oven. It looked and smelt good, but I always find that they never taste as sweet as I am used to. It was swimming in the cream. 

Hallein Salt Mine Tour
We had to convince Steve to do the Salt Mine Tour. We got to wear this cool overalls and we sat on this little train ride into the salt mines. Jon was excited to lick the salt off of the walls. I thought it was rather gross. The tour went quick but it was really cool. My Dad would've loved it. We slide down these two slides. All 4 of us hung onto each others legs and slide down. It was dark so you couldn't see how far it went. Poor Jon wasn't thrilled he was in the front. Then they took us across this big lake and did a water show with lights across the water. This mine has been worked for over 7,000 years. It was cool to see how they used water to get the salt out. We even got our own little salt shaker at the end. It seemed like we went so far in down in the tunnels. It was fun and I am glad that we got to it. 

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